Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flagrant Stealing and Tyranny: Alex Jones Tuesday Edition

The U.S. Federal Reserve was created by the Queen of England. It's a PRIVATE BANK. They can do whatever the hell they want. Stop using their money!! It's their money! AMERICANS are the most EASY people to FOOL!!"they're alll crooks! they're crooks! homeland security is their...STiCK-uP squad...we're all in danger...that makes me so angry now...go ahead aaron. go ahead."

Fema ~ starvation ~ Depression ~ population elimination ~ Vaccination ~ Globalization ~ NWO ~ Slavery ~ Murder ~ chem-trail ~ GMO ~ hybrid seeds ~ oil crises ~ run-away inflation ~ Gold@ $72,000 ~ Vatican ~ The beast is rising Am I an enemy of the White House. Did Obama lie when he said our military is fighting for our liberty? Yes. they are fighting for Wallstreet and the bankers. So how can I be a freind of the White house? our forefathers said that big government will kill us who love our liberty. So how can I be a freind of the white house? How can I be a freind of an entity that takes my freedom? Do they allow the TSA to rape and fondle my fellow countrymen? How can I be thier freind? I am resisting tyranny.

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