Thursday, February 9, 2012

Info News 2012-02-09 Thursday

Info News 2012-02-09 Thursday On the Thursday, February 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, co-host Aaron Dykes talks with economist, columnist, blogger and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, about the faltering economy, the impending attack on Iran, and other topics. Dykes also covers the latest news, including: Reports that a large number of U.S. warplanes and transports are en route to the Persian Gulf and presumably headed for bases in Saudi Arabia where an attack on Iran will be staged. U.S. officialdom stating that Israel's Mossad is behind the assassination campaign directed against Iran's nuclear scientist community. It is said that members of the designated terror group MEK are acting as triggermen in the assassinations. More on the Missouri FEMA camp as told by an anonymous contract worker at the facility. And finally, and informative run-down on ten things every American should know about the Federal Reserve and its manipulation of the U.S. economy.