Friday, March 30, 2012

Fritz Springmeier & Max Keiser - Alex Jones Show: Friday (3-30-12)

Alex Jones Show: Friday (3-30-12) - Fritz Springmeier & Max Keiser - Soros's MF Global Bank Heist Via JP Morgan with Max Keiser .Alex Jones gets into economic issues today with broadcaster and film-maker Max Keiser. Prior to being a broadcaster, Keiser was a stock broker on Wall Street.Alex and Max..great show..Could have gone on for another hour. By the way about George Soros and back in 1993 when he broke the Bank of England. I remember that time very well and it was really the British governments own fault because they committed themselves to pegging the British Pound against the Deutschmark inside the ERM and any fool could see it wasn't going to work. Soros just did what anyone else would have done and exploited an opportunity that he should never have been given.