Monday, April 16, 2012

James Wesley Rawles - Alex Jones Show: Monday (4-16-12)

The Mark of The Beast is The Microchip. Anyone who takes it will be forever condemned to Hell / Outer Darkness - taking that chip means a pledge that Lucifer/Satan is God and the chip represents an eternal oath to him. * Families will betray one another for food/ NWO Soldiers or anything. There will be no love in the atmosphere present. There will be small pockets of light throughout the country & these are the true born-again Christians who will gather together & reside temporary locations.Execution will be public which involves Beheading. A long and very thick blade will be used as a form of execution in public, and this is so to instill fear into the public, basically anyone who isn't obedient will subject to that or torture. As God said though prophecy, What Hitler did compared to what The Antichrist will do - is a picnic. * Russia and China will invade in U.S by air, but there are many also within the country.

The Earth will flip on it's axis. Summer will not be summer, Winter will not be Winter as Jesus prophesied. Isaiah speaks of these coming times. The rivers/ocean will be absolutely contaminated due to Nibiru's/Planet X's passing attracting many asteroids, meteorites etc into the Earth's atmosphere. People will drink the poisonous water knowing they will die because they will be so thirsty. NWO troops will conduct house to house search for food and other basic necessities to be taken to a place. Do not assume that the present world map will be the same after 2013. It will not! It will be radically different! Landmasses will be radically different. In America the middle will of the continent will submerge. And mass waves of water will eject into the surface that has been stored in the subterranean. Much states will be devastated in cataclysmic proportions. Many millions will die in The U.S overnight! California, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago just to name a few!