Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dr. Jerome Corsi - Alex Jones Show: Thursday (5-24-12)

Not taking the left-right paradigm into account, regulation is the name of the game for Democrats, which results in loss of personal freedoms for the sake of "protection". Republicans are really not much better, because most of them want to legislate our personal lives, e.g., the "Defense of Marriage Act" and "pro-life". Libertarians on either side are the true patriots, and the strongest supporters of a truly limited government and the rights of the individual.

"Barbarians At The Gate" reminds me of how our ancestors gained the world, by killing the Romans, who thought they couldn't be beat. Those Romans' ancestors had been fierce warriors, but the Romans our ancestors found inside the city were fat, homosexual pedophiles. Just a matter of stabbing the little sissie pricks. Our enemies now are just as weak, and it's time for history to repeat itself.