Friday, May 18, 2012

Jon Rappoport - Alex Jones Show: Friday (5-18-12)

Alex Jones Show: Friday (5-18-12) - Jon Rappoport - This is all true I went through CPS as a child and once they have you in there hands they try and turn you aginst your family to make is seem like the system is working when in reality they put you more into harms way with the treatment they supply, when you question their tactics thats when they say your angry or so fuck up you need the drugs. some cases I admit some did need safe havens but most the families just needed support because the world caused them to act in ways that are not normal. Alex they doing all this things to everyone and they gets away with all so where is real government who takes people taxes and who had promised to serve people when they were elected. Yes they do recruite black female in CPS and SS it is true i study it and the numbers is shocking where they have one agenda kill is their motto. They are vempires and it is like we would take your child and we would abuse them and kill them and there is nothing you could do? Ha ha ha ha so they dam laugh at you