Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steve Quayle : Martial Law Coming to America

*Without having insiders like Steve Quayle, people who read about the derivatives bubble or listen to ecomony experts like Gerald Celente & John Williams (shadowstats) know that the global economy will crash. *Quayle has been saying that "according to my insiders, the shit is going to hit the fan NOW" ONCE IN EVERY SEVERAL MONTHS for over 10 years. *He claims there are giants that eat human children & claimed last year, that the CERN experiment would open a gateway & flood our world with demons. America wake up turn back to God we all are sinners and our only true hope is the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ who gave his life for our sins he rose from the dead and he is coming back. Repent of your sins and seek Jesus Christ while he may be found. One day everyone will stand before Jesus and be judged this life is short eternity is forever choose Jesus he loved us enough to die for our sins