Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gold Back in a Big Way After $130 Million Purchase by Soros

The value of gold will be determined based on whatever currency it is they have determined will replace "all". they've likely already made that decision. But the elite scum...have a ballpark idea of what that value will be. It's probably not etched in stone, but they have a ball park idea. Isn't amazing that an ugly old scum bag like Soros is allowed to walk freely about, breathing our air, and laying a wake of destruction in his path?..he's but one examples of such horrors. The gold shows only what your $ is worth at the moment! ...nearly nothing! Your US$ is no real currency - it is fake money, printed and printed and printed (again nonstop) by a private bank called FED which is owned by the elite. Your currency is NOT emitted by your state! It is just corporate monopoly money - nothing else, and you all just believe in it !! Think about, why on the backside stands "we trust in god"