Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government

Aaron... What about the Alien factor of the Illuminati? Aren't some of the Illuminati alien/human hi breeds? Seems ancient history points to that possibility especially since top engineers today can't build a pyramid within the specs and scale of the great pyramids of Giza. Can you have a guest to talk about that. (think the Jew thing has to do with culture... they toe the line and end up successful...Mormons are doing the same thing & Aliens are more interesting than Jews and Mormons anyway).

1773 Pope Clement XIV suppresses society of Jesus (Jesuits) including Adam Weishaupt(Jesuit). 1776 Jesuits who are the brain of Vatican form a faction known as "the Illuminati" that wouldn't be subject to another suppression (by a disobedient-to-them future pope) but which could further Vatican's agenda of NWO. the mysterious Illuminati are nothing but Vatican. Infowars Nightly News reporter Aaron Dykes visits the birthplace of the world's most notorious secret society, the Illuminati, in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Professor Adam Weishaupt began his pursuit of world government by deception at the University of Ingolstadt on May 1, 1776, while preserved historical documents make clear that the Illuminati is not a myth but proven fact. Moreover, their 18th Century model for covert conquest continues today in new forms, under different names, in pursuit of a New World Order