Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Infowars Reporters Dan Bidondi Encounter Jackboots at The Alamo

Dan Bidondi and David Ortiz fresh from covering the San Antonio End the Fed rally, went to the Alamo to talk to folks about the Federal Reserve and our insane monetary policy. Their attempts to interact with the public were thwarted by Texas Rangers who appeared to be guarding the Alamo from anyone with freedom and liberty on their mind.Dan does a good job of confronting these 'officials' - The exercise could be even more effective if he would offer examples of case law because as powerful as the Constitution is, there IS also legal precedence on his side.Also, don't let these LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS get away with believing they are RULE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Rule enforcement officers will always create NEW rules ON THE SPOT when they don't know the law.