Monday, September 17, 2012

Webster Tarpley: Middle East Riots a Provocation to Damage Obama's Campaign

far-lefty Webster Tarpley is a member of the Democratic party. Read between the lines of what he’s saying. He isn’t saying that Romney and Obama are two sides of the same coin. He’s outlining his unwavering support for Obama that he’s had since the beginnings of President Obama’s administration even given his past light excusatory criticisms of Obama. If the war crazed people of the US can be successfully convinced that Obama is “weak” then there`s no way he`ll be able to win. And even if he could the elections will obviously be rigged again so whoever the parasite class want in will get in, no matter how incompetent. Tarpley`s been convinced for three years that the bloodsuckers want Romney to replace Soetero because he`s no longer useful to them, so that`s why he`s totally shifted focus from Obarry to Bishop Magicpants. So if he`s right that this is who WS, CFR and the rest of the vultures are backing