Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alex Jones Confronts The Feds on Their Turf .

After one of our Infowars Magazine Graphic Artists / Photographers was confronted by a uniformed federal officer for taking pictures of a federal building while on a public sideawalk, Alex Jones decided it was time to take the fight to the streets and to confront the Feds on their own turf. The location was the Homer Thornberry Judicial Building in Austin Texas

the same wars that are funded by their money. religion is yet another way they divide us into groups... many do not know but our current religions are based upon past religions. please look up Horus and tell me their are no similarities to christ... but how does pointing out a select few for their evil ways change the population? all i see that doing is causing more war... we tend to focus on what effects us vs the world... people live nice in the USA because of the 3rd world countries poverty