Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alex Jones vs RT America and Foreign Media

this 2nd admendment the rights of our guns is more than likely going too vote and the majority of people will vote against,but the controllers will fix the vote too a close race..,lets see what happens?

In the three weeks since the Sandy Hook school shooting, Americans have been browbeaten by a plethora of foreigners in the media keen to lecture them on how their constitutional right to keep and bear arms should be eviscerated. It started with British CNN host Piers Morgan, who seized upon the tragedy within hours to push his fanatical anti-second amendment agenda, calling for a British-style total gun ban. This eventually led to a White House petition calling for Morgan to be deported which went viral and has thus far attracted over 100,000 signatures. As USA Today highlights, the Morgan controversy served to enflame a global gun control debate with foreign media personalities around the world lecturing Americans on what rights they should be able to exercise. "In news outlets around the world, editorials, news stories and columns demand American gun control. Our political debates have gone global and American conservatives are outnumbered in a way few even realize. Factor in the impact of worldwide social media and the Internet has given our home-grown liberals an incredible advantage and distorted what should be a uniquely American debate," wrote Dan Gainor, noting that quasi-state owned media outlets like the BBC and Qatar's Al-Jazeera were also demanding Americans be stripped of their inherent second amendment rights.