Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chris Dorner Goes Out Waco Style

The cabin wasn't even connected to cable though. What is going to watch it on a smartphone where he can be tracked every place he goes. I don't think so.The good very small % of them that are actually oath keepers we need a 2nd civil war but we need the military on the peoples side not the coups side of Obama and Brenen omg that's a worse then hitler combination anyone who's attended cremation of care shouldn't be allowed to govern shit! Fire them all restart it as we the people lots of us don't have jobs anymore it's perfect fuck NWO we want owoDorner is just the first to act in civil war2 ur talkin about it as if it's not already underway look at all the false flag attacks recently starting from let's say batman to now how many I'd say that's military style if we were in afghan we'd all grab our aks but they want the element of surprise so they can bumrush u in the night no nigga not me sleep w/1eye open I stay up all night everyone else sleeps guess I'm neighbor hood watch militia we all should do that & fire corrupt cops only hire